Monday, 2 March 2015

Will it be Guy Luzon's red and white army?

When will fans start to sing Guy Luzon's name? Luzon said a week ago that he would win the fans round and the topic is being discussed on the boards. Fans did not object to Luzon personally, it was just the apparent manner of his appointment and the concern that he was another network cast off - although his first season at the mother ship was a good one.

The case for him being a useful coach is that he does seem to have some idea of what he is doing. The team does seem to be playing as a team in quite a disciplined way, Johnnie Jackson said that he really only achieved this at the Brentford match. His philosophy is to have a solid defence, but let the forwards express themselves which works well with Tony Watt whom he coached at Standard Liege.

The counter case is that we lost at Derby, which might not seem that surprising, but some fans thought that there were mistakes in team selection. It is also argued that the 3-0 wins could be a flash in the pan and we need to see ten matches to make a balanced judgment, a reasonable point.

His gyrations on the touchline are seen by some to be ridiculous and others as a sign of passion, but one explanation may be that he has a relatively weak voice.

The game against Notts Forest will be a crucial test of how far he has lifted the team. One would not expect fans to identify with him in the way that they did with Chris Powell. It is also possible that he may be replaced at the end of the season however well he does. The managerial merry go round is one of the least attractive aspects of life in the network. But, as with many things with Roland, it is a question of fifty shades of grey.


Andy said...

Vetokele is good but Watt looks a different class altogether; I think we could have really stuck gold with this one.

He was well fancied prior to going to Belgium and although things didn't quite work out for him there, to be fair he was a young lad in a foreign country so it is understandable. He is still only 21 and will only improve.

We now have a strike partnership to be feared. Lets hope they don't get shipped off to Standard Liege.

Anonymous said...

Pessimism to optimism in 3 weeks. And thoughts of rebellion vanquished. That's football. May is the time to evaluate the manager and team.

Anonymous said...

To me it's a big plus point for Luzon that Tony Watt expresses such strong appreciation of him. Similarly, it's a good sign, I think, that members of the team seem to be increasingly vocal in their appreciation of their team-mates. Now we just need the fans to start pulling together! Only joking.

Anonymous said...

The best news of all is all the anti Roland,Katrien and Luzon people,all the old Charlton Party Crowd should now shut up and let the new owner get on with it, he made some mistakes,so did Murray, but he fixed them and now if we had one outstanding passing midfielder we would be as good as anything in this league.

a2c said...

Anon above thass juss wot I think. The team, players, Guy, Roland n Katrien are all doin the business dahn our gaff. Every win is another defeat for the boo boys n their ilk n all the damage theirn cause.

Anonymous said...

why do you always say "dahn our gaff"? Noone talks like this. Not even the wide boy south east london lads you're trying to mimic.

Anonymous said...

Moving on... do people still think that Charlton are now there to be a feeder club to Standard? None of our good players (stop laughing) have moved to Liege for one, but also this strategy wouldn't ever make sense.
RD gets us (the network) a good 20 m if Standard gets into the Champions League, but the Belgian League must bring the network next to nothing (relatively). Charlton however, with just one year in the Premier League would bring in a good god knows how much anymore.
We don't know RD's priorities, but we do know that he isn't a Standard fan, the fans of that club similarly complain about him, and back Charlton makes more sense financially.
My point is, I don't think we should ever be worried about becoming a feeder club for Standard Liege.
If I'm wrong, I still think it's an improvement on being a feeder club for West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea, etc., and especially better than selling all our best players to close rivals in terms of the table, no?

Anonymous said...

Luzon's contract runs until the end of next season, so depending on how it goes between now and May, he could be around for a bit longer.