Friday, 20 March 2015

Wilson goes on loan to Rotherham

Lawrie Wilson has gone on emergency loan to Rotherham, reports the official site: M1 emergency

The Millers are engaged in a battle against relegation and Wilson could appear in Saturday's derby clash against the Massives. If Rotherham pull away from the relegation zone, it will help to seal Millwall's fate.

Wilson is a player who divides fans. I think that he is an honest player who gives his best, and sometimes can produce some really good contributions. However, his best is sometimes not good enough for the Championship.

I wish him well at the New York Stadium. I have one friend who comes from Rotherham although she supports Manchester City.

When I was at university, one of my flat mates had a girl friend who was a scion of the now departed traditional department store, Muntus of Rotherham. He said that when he went up there for a tour of the store, the staff were practically bowing and scraping. As the town declined, and out of town shopping grew, it went out of business and for a while was a bar and live music venue.

The family also had a rather nice house at Fowey in Cornwall which he and his girl friend visited in the vacations. Yes, I was a bit envious.


Unknown said...

Good luck to him he has struggled for form since christmas so it has become no suprise to me he is supless to requirements all we need now is for church and harriott to depart for pastures new in the summer then everyone be happy including me

Unknown said...

but was playing for a move away shafting out of tackles since dec

Unknown said...

jesus church scored 2 goals need sit down