Sunday, 10 April 2016

Chief executive on holiday claim

Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt has tweeted that Charlton chief executive Katrien Miere has gone on a ten day holiday to Dubai at a time when the protest hit club faces relegation. Everitt states that CAFC staff are fuming over her decision.

Louis Mendez has described as the most ill-advised foreign excursion since Christophe Lepoint came to England.

VOTV reports that she left a few days ago and will be back for the Derby game on Saturday.

A Charlton fan has brought out a song 'More Than Just a Toy' aimed at the current regime at The Valley with all profits going to the protest fund: More Than Just a Toy


ExpatCyp said...

Dubai eh ? That says a lot for her taste. Still that's where the movers and shakers are ( whoever they are ! ). KM might even be brokering a buyout for Roly. Or perhaps another business conference ? And yet another opportunity to engage her foot into her mouth and be televised on You Tube ? Still don't be too hard on the old girl after all she is only following the lead of PM Dave and his Trade and Industry Secretary Savid by taking a holiday at an inopportune moment. When you've "gotten yourself into another fine mess" you do need to take a break and in her case preferably a permanent one.

Mic said...

We can only hope that this is in fact good news and Peter Varney has been back in touch and there is a sale on the horizon. Her trip is purely sale related.