Friday, 8 April 2016

Premiership clubs interested in Lapslie

Charlton's under-18 captain George Lapslie is attracting interest from Premier League clubs. Chelsea, Leicester City and Manchester City have been keeping tabs on the midfielder: Lapslie


Steve Wyatt said...

Wyn, as a supporter who has seen George play on numerous occasions this season, this has to be nonsense.

Without denigrating his efforts too much, I would be surprised if he made the breakthrough to our 1st team in League 1, let alone into the Premier League.

Si Jones said...

So if we clearly have all these gifted youngsters why have so few been around the first team. I totally understand that a player has to be brought on and developed but so often is suggested it is a risky policy that can shatter the fragile psyche of the poor lad. I don't necessarily hold with that as far braver predecessors of my generation performed acts of valour and capability, an example of which being my mates grandad a squadron leader at nineteen. Not footy I know but the kids of this club will lead our way in the next couple of years if our Brussel mussel hasn't done the lot of them with the bathwater. Every decision better than the last, makes you bloody weep.