Saturday, 30 April 2016

Would promotion deal with customer concerns?

Apparently there is a view at the top at Charlton that if the club won promotion back to the Championship at the first attempt, supporters' concerns would be assuaged: Wishful thinking

In my view, the fans' relationship with Roland Duchatelet has been damaged beyond repair. Trust would not be rebuilt, even if he replaced Katrien Meire with a competent chief executive and brought in a manager with appropriate experience. CAST have urged him to sell, but he has no inclination to do that.

Fans may, of course, have already been consoled by the club receiving the 'most improved pitch in the Championship award: Top turf. They don't come much more meaningless than that.

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ExpatCyp said...

Football Club ownership is invariably a vanity project so I don't expect RD to sell up in the foreseeable future....that would be tantamount to admitting failure which apparently Roly does not do. The hallmarks of RD's tenure of ownership is a complete absence of synergy with the customers and an abject failure to manage competently.....leaving others (KM and RM) to face the music. It's a bit like a Captain in the Army who says to his troops before battle.... "come on lads I'm right behind you". RD and KM you have to earn respect it doesn't of itself come with wealth or power. As for RM the esteem in which you were once held will only return if you speak out.....but I don't suppose that you will do that as you may be between the financial rock and the hard place.