Monday, 25 April 2016

Exaggerated concerns at Burnley

A Burnley fan has suggested on social media that should the game at The Valley be abandoned because of protests Charlton should be relegated to the bottom of the pyramid system, i.e., ten divisions below where they are now. He describes it as a 'ridiculous situation', but what is ridiculous is the way in which Charlton has been run by the current regime. Burnley are fortunate to be a well run club.

As far as I am aware, there is no intention to force an abandonment of the game or to spoil Burnley's day. There will be protests, but they will be properly organised by CARD. Brighton fans showed solidarity with Charlton fans on Saturday. I would appeal to Burnley fans to do the same. I hope Burnley are promoted along with Brighton (I don't want to see Boro go up).


CJ said...

I'm sure that the vast majority of Burnley fans will have tremendous sympathy with your plight, but this fixture is huge for Burnley - they might win the Championship title that day, and it's 43 years since they last won the then second division.

The fears that Burnley fans have come from reading this forum - - where some Charlton fans are talking about getting the match abandoned. Of course there are a couple of posters there suggesting that it would be wrong to spoil Burnley's (and possibly Brighton's and/or Middlesbrough's day), there are many wanting to disrupt the game a bit (fair enough), and some wanting to ruin it.

The suggested punishment you quote is unlikely to be the view of many, but I'm sure that you can imagine the seeds of alarm planted in Burnley fans' minds by reading the comments of some of the posters on that forum.

Wyn Grant said...

Thanks for the link. I and many other Charlton fans would not want disruption to reach a level where the game would have to be abandoned, but, of course, not all fans are of the same opinion and CARD can only suggest to fans how they should conduct themselves.

GlynA said...

Although I don't want to see it happen, it would not be a surprise if the FA do dock Charlton points at the beginning of next season. From their point of view they have to get matches completed and avoid disruption of games. I rather doubt Charlton can get near promotion even without a sanction but we could do without it.

Admin said...

There are a few who want to force an abandonment but they are a tint minority. Most do not want to impact on Burnley's chances nor to spoil the post-match celebrations of the visitors. That said, there needs to be an understanding of how desperate things are at Charlton and as this is the last chance to embarrass the owner and get out points across, there will be disruption. Most will not impact on the game itself, but expect the unexpected. That said, look at our record. You should win whatever happens.

Mike Mada said...

Thank you for the background.

We feel supportive of the dire consequences of the poor management that has beset your club and wish you well. We are indeed fortunate to have a well run club and for that we are very grateful and feel for you.

Please acknowledge that we have worked long and hard this season for where we are and that we have a right to play the game out to (hopefully for us) its positive conclusion.

Then, we are fully with you in your campaign.

Burnley Supporters.