Thursday, 7 April 2016

Welcome back, Tony Watt

Tony Watt has sustained a groin injury at Blackburn Rovers. His loan has been terminated and he is returning to Charlton: Tony Watt

Presumably this means that the projected sale to Blackburn Rovers at the end of the season is off.


ExpatCyp said...

Roly will not be best pleased as he was licking his lips at the prospect of a credit to his coffers.Shame is that TW could be a real asset if only the issues that seem to surround him were sorted but there again there are lots of "if onlys" in football.

BigPete said...

I think the Watt moove was more about rolys legal battle with Standard and their assertion of irrecularities over his sale to us

Jonathan Acworth said...

another waste of time kick him out with reza in the summer that's 20k a week saved