Monday, 11 April 2016

Cousins: managerial changes have not helped

The managerial changes at Charlton this season have not helped the team's performance this season according to Jordan Cousins. It's a statement of the obvious, but it's still worth players making the point: Jordan Cousins

Cousins is full of praise for José Riga, but reasonably enough refuses to commit himself on whether an earlier arrival of Riga would have saved us. Riga also refused to comment on this point when he was interviewed the other day: Riga on former managers

I think that there will be interest in Cousins from other Championship clubs in the summer and I fear that we will not be able to hold on to him.


Lungrot said...

if the owner follows the same policy that he's been employing since he bought the club, he'll be trying to ship Cousins out to one of his other clubs or sell him as soon as he can.

BigPete said...

If roly had just given Riga what he wanted the first time around, we would be basking in mid-table mediocrity and have been an attractive proposition to prospective recruits.

However, due to lack of stability, and a misguided sense of omnipotence from the owner, we are hanging on to the chammpionship by a rapidly freying mathematical thread and looking toxic to anyone even considering joining the roly party.

It will take more than the club is worth to buy out Roly now, Starprix loans are in excess of the apprised value of all the clubs assets, and thet are only going to get larger to cover the intrest he is charging.

far from the stable championship club with premiership ambitions we were promised, it seems we are a league 1 club in dissarray with as shiny stadium and pitchside sofa, and a lovely new training ground on the way and premiership hopes and dreams.

Anonymous said...

Really? I thought each management change had resulted in a positive upturn - according Madame Meire...