Friday, 1 May 2020

Abu Dhabi funds remain a mirage

CAS Trust have published the latest set of answers to supporters' questions: Milhail responds

The opening paragraph from Marian Mihail gives grounds for concern: 'We all thought funds were needed in April, which is why Tahnoon Nimer said he would put funds into the club by then. However, we were able to get through the month without an injection or loan. This was very close and funding will definitely be needed in May. Tahnoon Nimer knows this and remains committed to injecting funds when the football club needs it.'

Mihail continues, 'I mentioned last week, injecting large additional funds is not viable for Tahnoon Nimer at the moment with uncertainties around the EFL investigation, the ex-directors potential un-picking of the takeover and the presence of Mr Southall.'

How long is it going to take to deal with Southall's depredations (although it is claimed he is still submitting invoices)? As a CAS Trust question notes, this looks likes an excuse for not injecting funds. I hope a blame game isn't being started with the ex-directors who may offer us a lifeline.

The news that Claudiu Florica has a qualification in avionics engineering reminded me uncannily of Dowie's degree in rocket science. However, apparently the Romanians are only here temporarily to clear up the mess. Marian Mihail appears to have met Tahnoon Nimer just once.

As one fan has commented on Twitter, 'You can't money into a football club when that money doesn't exist in the first place.'

Louis Mendez notes, 'They don’t comment much about Shaun McHugh (the Finance guy) but he was one of the guys lead out of The Valley on that night of the Southall stand-off and is currently suspended.'

VOTV editor Rick Everitt comments: 'Interesting that Mihail claims to know nothing about Van Seventer and Hirst. Bear in mind these were long-term ADBD associates of Nimer and the former, at least, was at the O2 with Florica and Nimer on February 1st.'

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