Tuesday, 26 May 2020

No, I am not in

CAS Trust has invited supporters of Charlton to sign up to the concept of fan ownership: https://www.castrust.org/2020/05/sign-up-if-you-love-charlton/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=sign-up-if-you-love-charlton

No money is asked for at this stage and it is up to each fan to decide what they want to do.  I won't be signing.

I do not think it would be possible to raise the money to buy the club, but in particular to fund the losses unavoidable in the EFL, even more so after the pandemic.

Even if those funds could be raised, I would find it difficult to actively support a fan owned club.  But I appreciate that many are attracted by the idea, although perhaps they should read the comments of football finance experts like Kieran Maguire.

Some Addicks have contacted me to say that they can understand why CAST might want to build up a database, but are not clear why this appears to being undertaken as a subset of their normal activities.

I do think that CAST should have consulted its members before going ahead with an initiative of this kind. The last thing we want in current circumstances is a split among organised supporters.

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