Tuesday 26 May 2020

Charlton need one leadership says Jenkins

Former Dinas Abertawe chairman Huw Jenkins has spoken to Sky Sports News about his interest in Charlton.

He said: 

“Charlton have a number of things attached to the club with the current owners, past directors and past owner. All of those still have a link to the club and cause a lot of uncertainty. I was fully aware there were big challenges to try to correct all of that.

“Those three or four different things that could potentially impact on the field it can be a big hindrance. The quicker those are resolved under one leadership then that will be a good thing for the future.

“It’s not down to me fully, it’s down to the current owners and their need to quickly do a deal. Personally, I need more time to be clear and just move forward cautiously to make sure things are right for myself. The other side I’m not in control of, the need of the current owners and the timescale they need to operate in.”

Jenkins was Swansea’s chairman from 2002 to 2019. His time with the Welsh side ended sourly but Charlton fans will be hoping that he can secure a deal to buy the club to steer them away from uncertainty.

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