Friday, 8 May 2020

Funds remain a distant hope

The weekly round of questions posed by CAS Trust to Marian Mihail hardly provide illuminating or reassuring answers, but it's worth the attempt: Response to supporter questions

He said: 'I appreciate the uncertainty of when money will be injected into the club is very tough for fans. Unfortunately I can’t provide a date because I don’t know when this will happen. What I can say though is that Tahnoon Nimer has said he will inject funds into the club to keep it going when the club needs it. I am also aware that injecting large additional funds is not viable for Tahnoon Nimer at the moment with uncertainties around the EFL investigation, the ex-directors potential unpicking of the takeover and the presence of Mr Southall.'

The line is that Southall hasn't stepped down and has put in another bill for £2m. The question that then arises in my mind is why can't we get rid and, even if we can't, why is that an excuse for not coming up with the readies?

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