Thursday 21 May 2020

EFL looks like scoring another own goal

The EFL is falling behind schedule in its attempt to deal with Championship clubs who sought to get round financial fair play regulations by selling their stadiums and sponsors buying them back.  This is relevant to Charlton in case the season is ended on a points per game basis.

The commission is not expected to sit until late June to deal with cases against Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County and Reading.  It may have to push the cases into next season.   If the season is not finished, then the EFL probably cannot hand out points deductions to clubs, if they are penalised at all.  It may also be difficult to establish a legal case for stating that the valuations of the stadiums were unfair.

Once again the EFL demonstrates that it is not fit for purpose.   Its staff is very small for the range of tasks it seeks to undertake.   Some of these might be better handled by an independent regulatory body which took account of a wider range of stakeholders including fans.

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