Thursday, 28 May 2020

Three players opt not to come back

Lee Bowyer told Radio 5 Breakfast this morning that three players have decided not to return to training this week.   It is not known which three players have taken this decision, but unconfirmed social media reports have referred to David Davis as one of them.

The serene supremo commented, 'We'll have to adapt and I'm sure there's players at other teams that have also said no.'

Currant Bun journalist Alan Nixon has pronounced on Charlton's finances.   I am not sure that he knows any more than I do: Richard Cawley he isn't.  It is widely known that around £400k is needed for wages and that there have been no sightings of the illusory cash injection.

Be that as it may, the journo stated: 'It’s twisting and turning all over the place. Don’t see admin though. Not aware of any debt that would put you there. Need money for wages though ... I’m told it comes whether there’s a takeover or not. '

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