Friday, 5 June 2020

Big beasts need to collaborate

They're rolling out the artillery down in Ramsgate and Voice of the Valley contributor Jonathan Miller says that the big beasts of Charlton need to collaborate to back the Varney/Barclay takeover

Miller gives it large when he says: 'The stage is set for Peter Varney, Richard Murray and the former directors to save the day. Hatchets need to be buried, the greater good needs to be embraced and, perhaps, some small-time opportunists also need to be paid off and seen on their way.'

I am not a big beast nor, hopefully, a small time opportunist but I still think that the Varney steered bid represents the best hope for the club in these difficult times.

CAS Trust say they are not wedded to any particular model for running the club and they are only trying to make contingency plans for a worst case scenario.   The wish to prevent the demise of the club is perfectly understandable and justifiable, but it may also serve as a distraction from more realistic opportunities.

Whilst CAS Trust does not have a preferred alternative model, it is clear that many of its activists individually prefer the Bundesliga model.  Indeed, this is the conventional reformist wisdom.

Having worked in Germany and at one time speaking German well enough to pass off as a German, I think that there are often rather optimistic readings in Britain of how things are organised in Germany, but that is all for another day.   For now let's rally behind PV and hope he is successful.

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