Saturday, 6 June 2020

The other Deal Addick

There are two prominent Deal Addicks: leading whinger Desmond from Deal and author, podcaster and broadcaster Charlie Connelly.   Desmond refuses to accept that Charlie is a real Addick as he is never on the Deal Rickshaw, but I can remember a sighting of him being reported at Bradford City.   Charlie, who is one of my favourite authors, has now done an interesting interview in which he talks about his association with Charlton and also with Bromley FC:

His favourite all time Charlton player is Allan Simonsen: 'Allan Simonsen. Picture Charlton in 1982. Skint, moping about in the lower fathoms of the old Second Division in front crowds of 4,000 in this vast, disintegrating concrete bowl ostensibly capable of housing 66,000, going nowhere except possibly Division Three and a tour of some local loan sharks. Then we sign a former European Footballer of the Year, from Barcelona (and his first game? They put him in the reserves. The reserves).'

I think one story that I can reveal about Charlie is that he once played in a Ryman League reserve game and was exhausted afterwards.

Another connection is that Charlie was a uni contemporary of one of my children.

I like all his books which are sometimes out of left field, but perhaps my favourite is the one about the Liechtenstein international football team which has the early statement: 'I don't feel like speaking English today.'

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