Friday 5 June 2020

Taylor: So long, and thanks for all the fish

Clearly the manner of Lyle Taylor's departure from Charlton has provoked a range of views among fans. All I would say is that I remember Andy Hunt ('he plays up front') saying once that players are at a number of clubs during their careers and (most) try to do their best for the club while they are there. I think one can't ask for much more than that.

It would have been good if he could have completed the season with us, but I wouldn't want to get injured if I had prospects of a better job.  Fans are loyal to their clubs (although the evidence shows there is more churn than many people assume).   One can't expect  that of players, although displays of badge kissing do irritate me.

A disappointed but realistic Heather McKinlay writes about Taylor from north of the border:

A well-known and well-informed Addick from Prague has suggested that Taylor's agent completely misunderstood the value of the offer made by Charlton in January.   Given the implication that the agent is one sandwich short of a picnic, I can say no more.

In any event, Taylor has tweeted: 'This is not how this chapter was supposed to finish, but sometimes we have little control over it. I’ve had so many messages of support from fans, teammates and other players and coaches. For those, I thank each and every one of you.'

As I continue to struggle with idiomatic Spanish, the many Addicks who live in Spain may wish to correct this: BorrĂ³n y cuerta nueva.

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