Friday, 26 June 2020

Signings are welcome

The new contracts signed by Albie Morgan and Josh Davison are welcome for two reasons.   First, I am pleased that they have committed to the club.   Albie Morgan had a good game at Hull and has attracted interest elsewhere.

Second, as Steve Gallen says, it is a sign of a step forward by the club:

It is an indication of greater stability at last.   Whether there is anything in social media rumours that Peter Varney will join up with Paul Elliott, I don't know, but I am feeling a little more positive - possibly just because we are playing football again.

Tomorrow we face the Super Hoops who have lost two key players, including their captain, because of their financial troubles.  Louis Mendez has noted, 'QPR have the 3rd best attack in the Championship, as well as the 3rd worst defence.'

BTW, it is good to see the doom and gloom merchants at CAS Trust pour cold water on the idea of Sparrows Lane or The Valley being redeveloped.   I always thought that it was nonsense, but some of the typically gloomy Charlton supporters always come back to the idea of a property play:

The only point I would add to those made by the experienced planning consultant who has written the article is that access to any redevelopment of The Valley for residential purposes would be a key issue given the location of the railway line.   It just might be possible to put a few 'penthouses' on top of a redeveloped Jimmy Seed stand.

A friend has done a spreadsheet of remaining results and forecasts Charlton finishing seventh from bottm with 52 points.  Let's hope he's right.

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