Monday, 29 June 2020

Harris: Bydd Charlton yn brawf caled

Cardiff City manager Neil Harris is spoilt for choice as his in form promotion chasers face Charlton tomorrow:

Much as it pains me to say so about a former Spanner, Harris is a good manager.  He is sensible enough to realise that his side can't just turn up and claim three points tomorrow..  He told The Football League Show: 'It will be a tough test.'

One of the puzzling aspects of the Cardiff City website is there appears to be nothing in Welsh.  An old English friend who lives in Cardiff has two grandchildren who both go to Welsh immersions schools.  

When I have appeared before Senedd committees, the temperature has dropped ten degrees when I have said that I will need translation out of Welsh, but it appears that football is exempt.  But then rugby is the national game.

Just to add I know nothing about Mohammed el Kashashy, the Egyptian banker who was at The Valley on Saturday.  It's difficult to know whether this a tragedy or a farce, but often the two are found together.

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