Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Charlton rubber ball bounces on

Tahnoon Nimer has confirmed on Instagram that he has ceded control of Charlton, or at least his 65 per cent share, to a consortium led by Manchester-based businessman Paul Elliott.

The normal convention when someone departs with a mixed record is to use the words of the newsreels when Churchill replaced Chamberlain as prime minister: 'Thanks Mr Chamberlain for all you tried to do.'  Chamberlain was subsequently castigated as one of the 'guilty men'.  

I regret that I cannot make a comment about Mr Nimer that would be acceptable in a blog read by children.  The best I can do is say 'I thank yew' in the manner of the classic comedian Arthur Askey.

The new owners may well take a profit by selling on to someone else.   Charlton remind me of a song from my childhood about a bouncy rubber ball as they go from one owner to the next:

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