Monday, 15 June 2020

'Punish individuals not the club'

CAS Trust have asked the EFL to punish individuals not the club as their investigation into the purchase of the club by East Street Investments nears a conclusion.  Echoing a concern expressed by Heather McKinlay on BBC Radio London, they ask that the club not be turned into another Bury:

How much sympathy there is at the EFL for Charlton is open to question.   They have a lot on their plate and Charlton are just another problem like Macclesfield.

It is well to remember that the EFL is a limited company answerable to its club shareholders and its main task is to run a competition.   It is not set up to be a regulatory body and does not really have the resources such a body would need to do its job properly which is why that task should be done elsewhere.

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