Thursday 12 May 2016

Back to the network?

Following the breakdown of talks with Chris Wilder, Roland Duchatelet may revert to his network to find a new head coach. Step forward, Nebjosa Vignjevic, currently managing Upjest in Hungary: Network choice

Former Bristol City manager Steve Cotterill is also being mentioned. However, after being linked with moves to Coventry and Portsmouth, he is the fans' choice at Notts County.

Richard Cawley of the SLP thinks that the plan is still to search for a British manager. Cotterill is apparently keen on the Charlton vacancy: Cotterill


Unknown said...

Goodness there's a plan ?

Andy said...

I wonder why Wilder turned Charlton down. Was it because he wasn't going to get free reign on player recruitment or was it because Sheffield United was a more attractive option given that is where his family are already located.

You would have to assume the former since he doesn't have a firm offer on the table from Sheffield United. I think it unlikely then we are going to be able to get a decent British manager who is willing to accept RD’s terms.

AlanFromParis said...

Looks like Wilder is going to Sheffield United. They will probably be league One champions in 2017.