Tuesday 3 May 2016

We need the right sort of player - Chris Solly

Chris Solly thinks there will be quite a few changes in the squad before the League One campaign starts. He emphasizes that it is important to bring in players with the right character who are prepared to grind out results: Chris Solly

Louis Mendez reviews Charlton's season here: Unbelievable

Saturday's final game against Burnley is going to be televised with a 12.30 kick off. CARD have issued a statement saying they will not try to get the game abandoned, as they respect the integriuty of the competition and the ambitions of the visiting club: CARD

Jonathan Acworth has informed me that he is 19th cousin to Henry VIII and is trying to get a cut of Hampton Court ticket money.



go for the following----

1* Gerkin Ipswich
2* Lewington mk dons
3* Fish Ebbsfleet
4* Taylor Walsall
5* Wright Oxford
6* Gleeson Birmingham
7* Lita Yeovil playing very very well this season my player of the year for league 2
8* Wagstaff Bristol City
9* Akinfenwa knows the division and scores 12 to 13 goals a season most headers
10* Bradshaw Walsall powerfull striker scores lots for Walsall
11* Gregory Millwall worth a cheeky bid on been their best player this season


Moushino Burton
Laird Scunthorpe
Bostwick Peterboro
Tubbs Portsmouth
Hollands Portsmouth
gk reserve weale Yeovil

This is a team based on experienced league one and two players we need players who are familiar with this division not crap who couldn't give two brass monkeys gerkin lewington and Gleeson are essential for us winning promoation that's a steady players who have good leadership skills on the pitch especially Gleeson and lewington who been here before with mk


Thanks wyn for putting that bit up I went to Hampton court and showed a few historians my tree sure enough they said your dads very lucky that makes him cousin to henry 8th by about 19 removed something like that was in a bit of a shock but I suspected something like that to be the case as my dad kept going on about the henry connection for the past few months.
I thought we had finished at queen Elizabeth 1st but the historian went on he said " no do u realise u are also cousin to james 1st mary scot and the stewart family I then said wow fucking wow!"
We are now going to show the curator at Hampton court the whole tree and maybe we can start making claims but as it stands my dad could be the highest living person close enough to henry 8th himself absoulutly amazing gobsmacked is the word I needed a stiff cider after hereing that news yesterday!!!!!!