Tuesday 10 May 2016

No release clause for Lookman

Unlike Joe Gomez, Ademola Lookman does not have a release fee clause in his contract, so the Addicks can name their price: Lookman

A fee of £6m - £7m seems achievable, which should just about offset the sum Charlton are set to lose through relegation and customer dissatisfaction.

Charlton are set to make a move for Colchester midfielder George Moncur who does not want to play in League Two with the U's: George Moncur. A fee of around £150,000 is expected.


BigPete said...

Wow! someone working with contracts had an attack of sanity, atleast for 5 mins anyway. This alon with Moncur and Wilder are a steps in the right direction, but i fear the marathon RD has to complete to get the fans back onside might be beyond his ability.


who thinks all these signings under the new owner?

Robin Reliant said...

Well that's it then. Roland has financed his regime for the next three years and we can all go and do one.

Luv Robin