Monday 9 May 2016

Football League statement angers fans

A statement from the chief executive of the Football League on Saturday's events at The Valley has angered Charlton fans: Statement

The statement praises security staff for their actions, but much of what I and others saw was well over the top.

Here is a balanced account of what happened: A club on the edge


Burgundy Addick said...

Wyn, that statement is indeed a disgrace. Harvey should be ashamed of himself. Think it ties in with Sky highlights completely avoiding protests before and after the game, including Charlton and Burnley fans mingling on the pitch. Guess they just wanted to present a sanitised version of the final round to promote the brand.

Unknown said...

Why did the city of London police come here with a very aggressive attitude what trouble there was they caused it been cafc supporter almost 60 years and ex Steward for 20 years what the hell as gone wrong with this wonderful club

Unknown said...

Sky = Murdoch....The Sun = Murdoch and "The Truth !".....,should we be surprised ?

Greg H said...

I emailed the football league today explaining that my daughter and I certainly didn't enjoy our experience on Saturday and we certainly disagree with their statement.

As a result of how we both felt after the game we have decided not to renew our season tickets next year.

I am not paying good money to be subjected to an intimate frisk search by someone not much older than my daughter. Being made to feel very uncomfortable and to watch the action at the covered end through a net!

I stopped going to away games due to overzealous stewarding and I am certainly not going to put up with it at home games.

We sit in the family stand for a reason!!

Saturday for me certainly had a feeling of policing and stewarding from an era I thought would never be seen again.