Sunday 1 May 2016

Birmingham in for Fox?

A Sunday newspaper report claims that Birmingham City are preparing a bid for Morgan Fox. There have been reports of interest from various clubs over the season.

Fox is not rated highly by many Charlton fans and I find him very inconsistent, a good piece of play followed by a basic error which puts us at risk. However, the case for him being Player of the Year is made here: Underrated


Anonymous said...

The bloke who wrote this must have absolutely no idea about football whatsoever . Whilst I am supportive of Fox and would never boo him , if there was an analysis done of how many goals this season have come from crosses on his side of the pitch it would be a lot.
Also the opposition frequently overload on his wing because they know that he doesn't get close enough to the wide players .
I think he has the potential to be a decent player and would be keen to keep him so that he develops into an excellent player.
BUT thus season has not been a good one for him. To vote for him as player of the season is frankly ridiculous.


I drive him up their lol and I don't even have a licence