Monday 9 May 2016

Wilder on his way

Chris Wilder is on his way to London prior to his appointment as Charlton coach. It's not Eurostar, it's London Midland this time. Apparently he has received assurances about having a say in player recruitment: Wilder

According to one report, Wilder has already had the Eurostar ticket as he travelled to Belgium to meet Roland, but this has not been confirmed: Under the Channel . It now transpires that it wasn't a Eurostar ticket, but a flight in a private jet.

The club has confirmed that they have been given permission to speak to Wilder and assistant manager Alan Knill: Time to talk. Richard Cawley of the SLP has tweeted that this means that the deal is done in principle.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted that Wilder may be a good manager, but it is unclear how gullible he is.

Wilder, who would receive a substantial salary boost, wants total control in setting up a structure that would bring success: The deal

Knill's name will be good for purveyors of 'Charlton nil' jokes.


Thame Addick said...

Assurances on player recruitment? Chance will be a fine thing.

weloveyoucharlton said...

Of course he will have a say....then Katriene and Roly will do as before...their own thing!!!

Andy said...

I would imagine that RD is not the type of man who likes admitting failure, yet it now becoming apparent that this current approach has been disastrous. In private he must surely see this, even if he won’t admit it in public.
Maybe I’m being optimistic but perhaps RD has realised the best way to save face and get a decent price for Charlton is to appoint an English manager with a strong pedigree, give him the funds and freedom to he needs to build the team as he sees fit. I certainly can’t see Chris Wilder joining Charlton unless he has been given these assurances.

LordDofB said...

Talking is one thing. Signing a contract is another.