Wednesday 11 May 2016

Wilder deal hits a snag

Richard Cawley of the SLP tweets that the deal for Chris Wilder to come to Charlton has hit a snag. 'Whether that will be rectified, time will tell.'

Richard Cawley has added another tweet stating that Charlton were confident of announcing Wilder yesterday. 'Rumblings are not good today.'

Other comment suggests that it could be a big issue and getting the deal over the line will need a major concession from someone.

It appears that contract length may have been an issue. It has also been suggested that the club refused to put in writing certain key assurances such as control, buying etc. If they were in writing, they could subsequently be the basis for a constructive dismissal claim.

It also appears that Sheffield United may now have come into the mix. The Blades are also interested in Charlton target George Moncur.

The club has now confirmed that the deal is off: Failure

I am disappointed that this deal did not go through. It would not have dealt with the criticisms of the regime, but it would have been a step in the right direction.


The Exile said...

I never got the impression this deal was going to happen. The club seem to have made all the right noises, but when it comes down to it, I'm not sure that they can relinquish the control that Wilder, or any other competent manager would expect.

I too would be disappointed, for the very same reasons. I just don't think that Duchatelet has it within him to change his modus operandi.

Stuart McRae said...

I think the Exile is spot on in his assumption

Stuart McRae said...

Get Curbs back and give him everything he needs including a 2+ year contract. Surely he must be tempted ad he is doing little else

BigPete said...

oh well back to plan RD again, ....

will Nebojša Vignjević get a work permit this time round?

will it be Juan Muñiz from AD Alcorcón?

will we see another recruitment forray into the lower reaches of belgium?

or will RD go cap in hand to Jose Riga once again?

or has he finally seen the light and we will see someone else of wilder/knills pedegree given the chance to tell RD to go to hell?

Addickted 2 said...

Evrything Meire touches!You can't blame Chris Wilder would anyone with options work for Duchatalet , Meire and Murray and associate with the likes of Keohane.

Next up Nobby Vinegar or other Network sychophant......

Unknown said...

Well no surprises here. You wouldn't want to rely on verbal assurances would you ? You need all terms of your contract in writing ! The credibility of RD as an employer and KM as his serf was shot to pieces sometime ago. Only a sycophant would work for this guy !

Martin Cowan said...

This is desperate stuff which you just couldn't make up. CARD don't need to do anything as the regime seem quite happy to stick these own goals into the onion bag.

What a mess. By pursuing Wilder (and how the hell did he know about him?), Roland has admitted that the all Belgian/all network approach has been a failure. We knew that already of course because we got relegated. Now, getting in a British manager is a failure too.

The worst of it is that Charlton as basket case is broadcast far and wide - who in their right mind would want to come in now?