Saturday, 5 June 2010

Canaries and Saints in for Bailey

Phil Parkinson putting up the 'Player for sale' sign seems to have had some effect as the Canaries and Saints have expressed an interest in Charlton captain Nicky Bailey: Bailey

It seems to me that it is the sort of signing that the Canaries might want to make to ensure they stay in the Championship, while Alan Pardew might want to splash out and put one over Charlton.

I don't take the references to West Brom seriously as that would be too big a leap and 'Boro have been reported to be interested for ages but have never made a move.

Over the weekend, a Forest blog said they were seriously interested, but this may just be someone trying to find something to write about over the summer.

How much we will get for him I am far from sure, but I sure it will be a lot less than most people anticipate. However, it should be enough to keep the club ticking over.

I know that makes a selling club, but we were in the 1950s as well.


Kings Hill Addick said...

I'm, personally, not convinced that the interest being mentioned just a coupled of days after Parkinson said we'd had no offers from him isn't just PR to drum up interest.

It's clear thatbwe need to sell, and Bailey is probably the most saleable asset. Until/unless we sell him there are going to real restrictions in what we can afford to commit in wages for next season.

I hope the stories are true as if we can get a decent fee for him it will be in the best interests of the club, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

we bought his for £750,000 including add ons, which probably included appearance and premiership promotion, so probably really only paid £500,000 ish. Southend apparently have a sell on clause of 20%, so we won't rake in as much as some hope,but what we get and the removal of him from the wages will be of significant benefit. If we can then get a left sided midfielder and a centralmidfielder who holds his position we could see great benefits from the departure of the ginger one. And a huge sigh of relief from all those wives that have been offerred out.

Wyn Grant said...

It could be a PR stunt by Bailey's agent. He could have picked some likely clubs and phoned up someone and said, 'Norwich are really interested in him, but so is Pards at Southampton. And I've had a feeler from West Brom.' My guess would be one might get £700,000 - £800,000 which means about 600k after Southend have got their cut. But there is a wage saving as well. He can score some great volleys, but there are a lot of minuses like losing possession in midfield which I have seen happen time and time again.