Friday, 11 June 2010

Steve Waggott leaves

Charlton chief executive Steve Waggott is to leave the club, although he will provide some transitional assistance during the transfer period. There will be no replacement in the role with managing director Stephen Kavanagh taking responsibility for the day-to-day running of the club.

Waggott had a hard act to follow in replacing Peter Varney and he had to do so at a difficult time for the club. Nevertheless, he attracted some criticism from fans and from sources inside the club. There is probably no easy way to perform the role, but it is uncertain whether his previous experience was the best preparation for it.

Once again we have to invoke the words of the newsreels when Neville Chamberlain resigned as prime minister: 'Thanks for all you tried to do.' Unfortunately, there is no Churchill on the horizon to save the club in its hour of need.

The new arrangements will save the club a significant sum of money at a time when every penny counts.

So far fans seem to have taken the news calmly and there have been no reports of fans gathering at The Valley to wail or rend their Charlton shirts.

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