Thursday, 3 June 2010

No offers yet for Bailey

Charlton have not yet received any expressions of interst in Nicky Bailey: Bailey

It was thought that he might be sacrificed to keep the club afloat, but that depends on a suitable offer.

Talks are to start soon with out-of-contract players including Christian Dailly, Darren Randolph and Lloyd Sam.


Anonymous said...

Could you please clarify this for me
Some 4th division striker today signed for Scunthorpe rather than Charlton because we couldn't match their wages . Have I woken up on a different planet , can this be true , he signed for SCUNTHORPE ?
Do they actually have a football team . I've been in a 'life on mars' coma for 2 years or was it 5 years or was it 20 years or was it 40 years and just woken up and the doctor has told me that in 2010 Charlton now pay lower wages than Scunthorpe .
How can this have happened , do we still play at the Valley or have we moved to become a pub or park team .
Please advise Wynn how this happened, I am suggesting to my doctors that they put me back to sleep ..............

Jon said...

I would welcome it. Given that footballers are paid so much, performance-related has to be the way forward. Consider, had we signed McLeod on a deal that was substantially based on performance we would be hundreds of thousands better off.

Jon said...

Although it would be good if Waggott and Parkinson were on a similar basis. Waggott would be paying us I think.

Wyn Grant said...

It's wake up and smell the coffee time I'm afraid. Our hope has to be that the club doesn't have to go into administration.