Thursday, 3 June 2010

Addicks in for Lisbie?

Reports from Ipswich Town sources are claiming that Charlton may be about to make a move for the Addicks' former striker, Super Kevin Lisbie.

I have seen Lisbie score some brilliant goals, including one away at Ipswich. I have also seen him miss more sitters than almost any Charlton striker I can remember.

I once took a Canadian friend to a game when we were in the Premiership. We were in the Upper West that day and had a good view when Lisbie failed to put the ball in the net from six yards out with the keeper stranded.

'How much do I pay that guy?' expostulated the Bloke Beside Us. My Canadian friend was very amused.


Steven said...

Ah but remember the Liverpool match. There were two scousers walking away after saying "but I was so looking forward to this game!"
I dont even think superKev quite believed that hat trick!

Marco. said...

We are probably at just the right level for 'super Kev' now.
I'd welcome him back, if only to banish my memory of the sitter he missed at Watford in the 91st minute.
If he'd scored in that game and referee Poll hadn't made the rick against Fulham, I still believe we might have stayed up in the Premiership.

(grasping at straws)