Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Unsung heroines

The Charlton ladies team have been gradually re-building under the guidance of Morts (a player I enjoyed watching) and now their reserve team has won promotion to the top flight: Ladies

There is a certain irony in the fact that promotion was gained after six points were awarded because of the failure of the Glaziers and the Skates to turn up for games.

The top reserve striker, a young lady called Alana Garratt, is certainly easier on the eye than Wayne Rooney.


Mike Woodhouse said...

My abiding memory of Morts, even above all the prodigious but often under-utilised skill, is from the last "home" game at Sainsbury's against West Ham, when, right in front of where I sat, he went to ground, stretched a leg round the Hammers winger and surgically removed the ball. Morts was up and moving the other way before the opponent even realised he'd lost it.

Anonymous said...

Better than that was when we were playing QPR at the Valley and he took the ball out to the corner flag and everyone wondered what he was up to . He then proceeded to dribble it back into the area by beating about 4 players all along the edge of the goaline , until he finally pulled it back for someone to score
great player

Wyn Grant said...

We were played Bradford at home when they were a top team pushing for promotion. They thought they could turn us over and we won either 4-2 or 4-1 (I still have the video of the game at home). One of the goals was scored (I think) or at least created by Morts jinking past four of their players in a crowded area in front of their goal. We ought to start a Facebook page for him.

colin in Thailand said...

One of my all time favorite Charlton players

ChicagoAddick said...

Ooo-aarr Mortimer.

What about his goal at Norwich. Great player and already a Facebook page for him:


Jon said...

didn't he score a typical morts goal at highbury one year 88 or 89?

Anonymous said...

The Bradford goal was in a 4-2 home win when he slalomed past 4 players in a cluster before unleashing a rocket into the far corner. Incredible goal.

Also remember a great goal in 1st year in the prem away to Leeds. Curled with pace into the far post. Little consolation though as we lost 3-1.

Brilliant player at his best but very inconsistent.

Kappacino Kid said...

The jinking run against Chelsea at the Valley or the goal agaionst arsenal at highbury, great player