Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Parky linked with Leicester job

Phil 'must go' Parkinson just might. He has been linked with the managerial vacancy at Leicester City after manager Nigel Pearson left to take the vacant job at Hull City. Chris Powell is in interim charge at Leicester, but this is not seen as a permanent appointment.

The official site has announced that Steve Gritt is to leave the building for a second time: Gritt . The widely respected Academy Director agreed to leave by mutual consent on the expiry of his contract as the clubs searches for further ways to save money.

Elsewhere, Nicky Bailey has passed his medical at Boro and Gordon Strachan has 'spoken to' the ginger nut and his wife. However, the paperwork cannot be completed 'because Keith Lamb is in South Africa' according to reliable local sources. So we will have to wait a bit to trouser the money and pay the gas bill.

CAFC tweets report that a fox was seen inspecting a cardboard box outside The Valley this morning, but he did not get in the box so could not be signed up as 'the fox in the box'. Just as well given the problems we had with a previous occupant of that role.


Anonymous said...

All this money we are saving must be going back into Directors pockets.Hope they are reducing the IOU note

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Parky, I say.
Plead with Sir Chris to take the job and lets get back to being proper Cahrlton and bringing through our own, instead of all these ridiculous loaners.
If Sir Chris doesn't want it, we should go for Ince.

Anonymous said...

Howm long do you think it will take before the boo boys of charlton get on his back, we are skint we could not even put a team together tomorrow when they are back fro training. The legend that is Chris would have no momney to spend, would be greener than a cucumber and would make mistaskes but would the faithful keep quiet like heck they would, how long before the racist comments are made. No Chris should keep away from Charlton and preserve the legend, at least until he has some decent experience.

AS for Ince - we are skint paul Ince is unlikely cause we can't afford him.

Get real

Anonymous said...

If they don't want to swap Parky for Chrissy Powell we could always throw in McLeod.

We may not have any money but I would say we were even shorter on inspiration.

Mike said...

What is wrong with you people? seriously. If Parky leaves I wouldn't blame in, we've got no money, are in a desperate state of limbo and can't get a squad together for the new season and it's a pretty thankless task being Charlton manager. I think anyone that truly believes we underperformed or Parkinson got things drastically wrong is frankly an utter moron. I despair.

Anonymous said...

quite frankly, who cares anymore.

AC said...

I totally agree with Mike. If I was Parky I'd be off. And I'd be thinking that Charlton are an ungrateful lot. And if he does leave, I fear we'll do a Bradford and go down to the 4th division.