Friday, 25 June 2010

Rovers beat us to Hoskins

Bristol Rovers have been off competition from Charlton to sign striker Will Hoskins:

It's a shame as I think he would have been useful. Deon Burton has not yet signed terms with Charlton and there are rumours he could he go to Notts County.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea whether Hoskins would have been a good signing or not. But i do know if Burton doesn't want to stay with Charlton, it's best he sods off quick. He may have been our top scoring 'striker' among a plethora of poor strikers. But he wasn't that good.

Anonymous said...

I'm told by a Watford season ticket holder that his reputation at Watford was that he had some ability he thought he was the finished article and that he didn't train particularly hard. He was transferred to Watford while they were in Premiership and doesn't appear to have impressed any of theri last 3 managers. Sounds a bit like another Izale McLeod so we may have had a lucky escape.