Sunday, 20 June 2010

Valley rejects continue to succeed in World Cup

Dennis Rommedahl was named man of the match after Denmark sent Cameroon out of the World Cup last night: Dennis

It's certainly a case of 'spot the Charlton reject' at this World Cup with Bougherra's good performance for Algeria now being topped by that of Rommedahl. Mind you, apparently he did bottle a tackle towards the end of the match.

Although 'Dennis in the last minute' will always be remembered for his winning goal against the Glaziers at Sainsbury's, perhaps his style was not suited to English football.


Bob Miller said...

I always felt and often said that Dennis Rommedahl would have been better served at the striker position, having a similar physique and skill-set as the prolific Clive Mendonca.

Anonymous said...

Wondering how you define rejects, do you mena rejected us? Think Romm got his exit key before we had the chance to show him the door and Majic was another who saw the door and took it, later saying joining charlton was a mistake

Wyn Grant said...

Using the term ironically