Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Addickted in optimistic mood

Charlton supporters are in a good frame of mind as the season gets under way. This is the overall finding of our online survey. I would like to thank the 401 fans who responded, the best response I have had to a survey.

Fans are clearly warming to Roland's regime. Asked how their views of the Belgian had changed since the takeover, 58 per cent said that it had improved considerably and another 33 per cent chose the improved slightly, giving overall positive ratings of 91 per cent. 8 per cent chose no change and 1 per cent said their opinion had deteriorated.

It's early days for Bob Peeters, and opinions could change if we start losing matches, but 26 per cent of respondents gave him an excellent rating and 65 per cent chose the good option, giving him the same overall positive rating as Roland, 91 per cent. 6 per cent said fair, two per cent said poor and 1 per cent didn't know.

Katrien has also made a good start as chief executive with overall positive ratings of 74 per cent, 22 per cent excellent and 52 per cent good. The don't know category was unsurprisingly higher in her case and 19 per cent said 'fair'.

Fans are clearly pleased with the summer signings, with an overall positive rating of no less than 97 per cent. When it came to strengthening the squad, the overwhelming preference was for a striker, 83 per cent. 5 per cent wanted a defender, 4 per cent wanted a keeper, 4 per cent wanted a central midfielder and 1 per cent another midfield position (3 per cent don't know). I included the central midfielder option because there has been quite a lot of talk among fans about this position, but it is clearly not seen as the priority.

51 per cent of fans thought that we would finish just below the play offs, 21 per cent in the play offs and an optimistic 3 per cent thought we would get automatic promotion. 22 per cent chose mid-table and just three per cent lower mid-table. Relegation is clearly off the agenda, the odd Millwall or Palace fan aside. This distribution of figures pretty much matches what would be my estimates of possible outcomes.

The answers to the question about this blog confirmed what I know from 'hits'. The news service is what is really valued, especially during the transfer season. I will probably drop match previews and slim down the match reports, keeping the match ratings provided by our canine analysts. I still hold to my view that a dog can do as good a job as the average football journalist.

As far as news stories are concerned, I clearly need to do more checking of sources to avoid repeating a recent error. In that connection fans will be aware of stories circulating on the internet regarding former striker David Whyte. They appear to have a solid source, but until there is confirmation I cannot write an appropriate story.

Detailed comments on Roland

  • Since the end of last season he has made big improvements on and of the pitch.
  • Had to be better than the last lot. I was optimistic and respectful of his ability to improve the club from day one.
  • Never really had a problem with him.
  • It is clear he has ambitions for the club that coincide with those held by the majority of supporters.
  • Hard-headed investment in key areas.
  • Strategy unclear then, still not clear. Opinion went down in months after takeover, gone back up slightly.
  • Owing to an influx of better quality players.
  • He's not perfect but I could grow to love him.
  • It was good initially.
  • Sceptical at first but quite like the vision he appears to have for our club.
  • I do not think we can fault him.
  • Given that I was never a rabid disapprover.
  • SO far we haven't been pillaged for the Mother Ship.
  • He rescued a sinking ship.
  • I had an open mind, and continue to have. Still early days really...
  • Investing in the stadium and players shows long term commitment.
  • I like what he's done with the valley pitch and it's surroundings. Also like he's backed the manager in transfer market and has helped the team to improve on and off the pitch.
  • Backed him from day 1.
  • He appears to be interfering less.


Brian G said...

Wyn, Several of the individual comments highlight the fact that 'No Change' as regards RD can be a positive comments if the person completing the survey already had a positive opinion of him. His positive rating may,therefore, be slightly higher than your summary suggests. Overall,it was a good and interesting piece of work that showed how many of us are very happy with the progress made so far on and off the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Brian G, I was a no change because I had a positive vibe from day one(I did add that comment in the survey )

Anonymous said...

Great job so far with all involved, think the players that have come have constributed excellent to the team. Possibly our best team since our Premier League days. Onwards and Upwards.

Brian G said...

The sad news about David Whyte has now been confirmed by several reliable sources.

jonathan acworth said...

yes very sad news on david whyte one my favourite strikers shame he played for the nigels by the way though.I met keith jones recently in Blackheath hes come back from a stint out in the us still looks the same player as he did in the play off final had go up to him and thank him for that pass to super clive mendonca.Ive had a very interesting week outside where I work been all sealed off and Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costna been filming the latest flick all interesting stuff I didn't realise Costner has lng curly blonde hair now nearly didn't recognise him so if anyone up near Shoreditch car park that's where they are all based this week so if anyone wants go star spotting that's the place find any new film been done in London.
On Roland im very pleased he has brought into the club after the mess left by the previous board ,I and a lot of other fans so badly wanted jaminez out with a passion.This man should never be allowed to own another club under the fit and proper circumstances because he was anything but that during his reign at Charlton!.Roland is very clever I was speaking to someone in the know the other week who said hes a very smart man he clearly wants the sky money which next year be around 120m for every club in the prem.Imagine having that sort of wedge at the club,things look positive for Charlton ok he doesn't spend but he knows the best players abroad so well done roland

Anonymous said...

If you are to modify your match reports? can i respectfully suggest you drop the canine element. It's a bit childish.........sorry.


Wyn Grant said...

Daggs, will consider doing so. The original point was that the standard of much football journalism was so poor, a dog could do better.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, i wasn't aware of that reason.
I do still think the dogs should go though. :)


Anonymous said...

Personally I find the eccentric animal analysis an appealing ingredient of this blog, which singles it out from others.

Keep up the good work!

Martin Cowan

Wightaddick said...

Drop the match reports, you should enjoy the game without having to note events. Player assessment interesting with or with out the canine specialists. Look at your blog and Dr. Kish for news. What might happen is on the blogs; when its happened its on the cafc website.