Thursday 4 September 2014

Have Watford lost their identity?

This interesting blog post by a Watford fan challenges a suggestion by yet another lazy journalist that the club has lost its identity under the ownership of the Pozzo family: Watford

This resonates, of course, with a recent debate at Charlton. My view is that the identity of a club rests with its fans. Owners and managers come and go, but the fans (well, most of them) remain constant.


Anonymous said...

What has happened at Charlton is far fewer of the staff are now fans. I believe the owners son also moved locally including putting his kids in local schools near Watford. But how much of a clubs identity is linked to how it is run? My view is that the need for fans to be active and interested in club affairs is as strong as ever. And of course I would say by signing up to CASTrust (

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Unknown said...

I think england have lost their identity under hodgson last night .The sooner this yes man goes the better for the england team a swansea fan i know said what about gary monk hes english and doing a superb job with swansea but i prefer someone like jose m he would tell the cretins at the fa level to go do one let him pick the team the fa in my view have the right initials fa = fuck all!!!!!!!!

Wyn Grant said...

Why don't we start a campaign to make Acworth England manager?

Anonymous said...

What a plonker! Jump on the latest bandwagon in town. Do you remember when Alan Curbishley was being pushed for England manager? And Sam Allardyce? Who is there better than Hogson at the moment? No English/British manager stands out. David Moyes was flavour of the month a year ago.Now where is he? Gary Monk, my foot, on the basis of a few good results. When Swansea implode next season who will remember him?