Tuesday, 2 September 2014

No deadline day mayhem

Despite reports alleging that Darren Bent had been seen at the training ground and that the Archangel Gabriel had been spotted hovering over The Valley, there were no deadline day signings for Charlton. This should not be a cause for complaint (Derek from Dymchurch please note).

As one knowledgeable Charlton supporter commented on Facebook: 'Why is it that some people seem to feel that because the transfer window is open we have to sign players? We have a very good infrastructure in place for scouting potential players throughout the whole year. Especially on the last day prices and demands can go through the ceiling because Clubs assume that people in the market to buy are desperate. Why pay inflated prices for average players when chances are we already have someone who is better?'

The club has stated that there were negotiations right up against the deadline, but they were not successfully concluded: Deadline day . As a number of fans have commented on social media, this is a welcome example of good communication by the board.

The august Sevenoaks Chronicle has revived speculation about Darren Bent coming in on loan. I know that as high an authority as Acworth has said this is going to happen, but I still think it is very unlikely. If you look at the story it has no substance beyond a 'meltdown on Twitter', i.e., speculation building on speculation: Dream on

I am satisfied with the acquisitions we have made over the summer. Ideally one might have liked a central midfielder, but the arrival of Bulot should allow Cousins to move to the centre. If one of our strikers sustains a serious injury, we might have to look at a loan.

After all the media predictions of a relegation battle, we have made a decent start to the season, unbeaten in the league. I think that Roland and his team have done a good job. The players arriving from the network are much better than the notorious 'January Six' which looks like a decision based on inexperience. However, it's water under the bridge now, although doubtless some fans will never forgive Roland for the departures of Kermorgant and Chris Powell.

It's been a hectic transfer window and has probably taken up more of my time than it should have done. I even had to turn down some work for the Evening Standard and whenever you do that, they tend not to come back. However, in the case of the Sub Standard that's probably no bad thing.

I will devise a new questionnaire to see whether attitudes towards Roland have changed during the international break. Now that Folkestone & Hythe has been deemed a winnable seat for UKIP, Derek from Dymchurch will be kept busy. I think I might have a modest celebration with that famous dish Boulets a la Li├Ęgeoise, otherwise known as meatballs and fries.


Blackheath Addicted said...

Wyn, of course as things stand you get a bottle of red to wash that down with. The contrast between what was done in January (not just Kermorgant but also the almost calamitous bringing in of Thuram-Ulien and consequent unsettling of our then first-choice keeper) and during the summer is indeed positive. Be interesting to see the results of the survey.

Kentish Man said...

3637The long term aim must be to get the club on to an even footing financially and to then keep it there. This does not mean panic buying on the last day of the window (the loan market as you say is not far off) or simply over-paying for players who happen to be available. I think RD is on the right track but this is a lengthy process which will undoubtedly try the patience of us fans.

Anonymous said...

Quite happy with Bulot and not selling any youngsters , especially Gomez. I also think Delort might well have been a bit too taken with the bright lights of London and may be better off in Wigan.....no tear tattooed for that one!

We seem to have a strong Triumvirate working together in the owner/CEO/Manager

Wyn Grant said...

Blackheath, it had better be a good bottle of red :-)

jonathan acworth said...

I have a feeling we could still get bent either on loan or in jan hes unhappy at villa and wants out you can see it in his body language-he loves london spent last season at fulham ventokle going to the african cup of nations in november so we will lose him for around 2 months we need a striker replace him bent would please fans alike i can seriously see this move happening if we can do a deal with villa -it all depends on his salary demands no one is going pay the reported £70,000 a week hes on at villa as someone said yesterday he reminds me now of jimmy hasslebaink !!!!

Finkle said...

The long term aim would be to get the club promoted and to sell for a profit. If we're still up there in January (unlikely I know) I wouldn't be surprised to see investment.

jonathan acworth said...

Ventokle going to the african cup in jan so ive been told so we will loses a key player for some time rumours in the standard last night of signing ebanks blake on a free so back up is needed when can we start buying free agents again?or loanees? how about pope port vale?

jonathan acworth said...

Ruiz the x fulham striker now been mensioned-not to sure on this player?

jonathan acworth said...

Just had a look at the free transfer list How about some of these names available on a free any takers?

Jack Collison x west ham
Joseph Yobo x everton
George Mcartney x west ham
Adriano been plagued by family problems peeters could be the right man get his head right!
Malouda at 32 hasnt found a club since chelsea released him would be a superb buy and experience in the midfield

wishfull thinking

Ronaldiniho free
Nilmar free
Valdes free
Diarra free
Dossena free
Ninis free i know we can never see one of these comming but wouldnt it be great if little old charlton can pull one of these off?

Kentish Man said...

Free in this context is like the "free" Sky Box you when you take out a subscription.