Saturday, 27 September 2014

Charlton remain unbeaten draw specialists

Whilst it was no bore draw, there seems to have been more excitement at the Charlton Moscow game

Charlton remain the unbeaten draw specialists of the Championship following today's 0-0 draw at The Valley with Middlesbrough. The Addicks remain 8th in the table.

The game started with both teams taking a cagey approach to each other. However, Charlton seemed hesitant and had difficulty retaining the ball and Boro had the better of the game. It has to be said that Boro had a good defence that was difficult to penetrate.

The injury to Gudmundsson just before half time was a blow, as he had been one of the livelier players, but the arrival of Moussa as substitute after the break seemed to add some sparkle to Charlton's performance. Bulot managed to hit the post for the Addicks.

However, their best play came in the closing ten minutes or so after Boro charm merchant Admomoah had been sent off for a high foot, earning a second yellow card. Charlton pressed for a winner and substitute Lawrie Wilson drew a save from the keeper. From the resultant corner, George Tucudean's header was cleared off the line.

Possession was 54-46 in Charlton's favour, but each side had only one shot on target.

There was a curious incident at the end of the game when a fan ran the length of the pitch with what appeared to be the corner flag. He tried to join his fellow Boro fans, but was caught and hauled away by security. It has been suggested that he might have consumed an illegal substance.

Match analysis

My man of the match was Chris Solly. Tireless in tracking back and going forward, he showed real precision in his passing. Henderson didn't really have a lot to do, the header going just wide from a corner when they should have scored. However, once again he looked in command of his area, although his kicking out is a bit like that of Deano's. I thought that Ben Haim had an excellent game, some really good interventions. Bikey attracted the ire of the Boro supporters after a collision with one of their players, but their boos when he got the ball were drowned out by Charlton cheers. Interesting that he was positioned up front at the end of the match. Wiggins had a better game than of late.

Buyens was a disappointment, he was very one paced. Jackson really lacks pace and was eventually substituted. Cousins was more effective once he was moved into the middle after Jackson went off, he then contributed to a better last twenty minutes. Gudmundsson made some good runs before he was injured, it didn't look good.

Bulot looks very promising. Vitokele was energetic, but sometimes got muscled off the ball. Moussa was quite effective when he came on. Wilson livened things up with his appearance. Tucudean looked better coming on as a substitute.

I thought that the referee was over fussy, e.g., getting Henderson to move a free kick back a couple of yards. He was also inconsistent, penalising an offence then doing nothing about the same offence a few minutes later. The Bloke Behind Me kept up a stream of grumbling throughout the match.

Derek from Dymchurch has been at the UKIP conference in Doncaster.

Some fans have asked me, 'Is it possible to support Charlton without being exposed to Acworth? I am afraid that the answer is "No". Acworth is on of the downsides of being an Addick. The only way I can stop him clogging him up my comment columns is by stopping comments altogether and I don't want to do that. I have encouraged Acworth to set up his own blog for his insights.



was at the game.shame we did not nick it at the end.dont like the that bob likes to play 4-5-1 at home.felt so bad for igor .lets hope for the best on Tuesday.come on you addicks

Jonathan Acworth said...

Very poor game from all accounts Jackson as I said last week the game just passes him by he be more valuable to the team on the bench than playing his experience I think would be vital for peeters

Anonymous said...

Acworth talks a lot of nonsense but he also sometimes makes quite reasonable points. I guess, even a broken clock etc etc.

Jonathan Acworth said...

I will set up a blog when I get few minutes