Saturday 6 September 2014

New survey

Please complete our new survey about the club by clicking on the link: New survey. Results will be reported sometime next week - and are now available. New responses will not be counted.

I have included one question about this blog. We started in the 1990s as an informal match reports page, trying to give something of the atmosphere of the game as well as saying something about what happened in the match. You can get an idea of what it looked liked and contained here: 1997-8 diary

Over time better match reports have been available and we have sought to provide more of a news service, while retaining the match reports. However, it is proving quite difficult to keep up the volume of coverage while still finding time to do things that earn me some money. This transfer window was quite demanding because of the need to read reports in French which often meant a resort to my old school dictionary!

We have taken one or two shortcuts recently which have led us to fall below the standards we would like to aspire to. I therefore need to re-assess what the blog can realistically offer to fans (given that there are many other excellent blogs).


Anonymous said...

Hi Wyn,
You asked for feedback about your blogging. As a child and young adult, I watched Charlton, home and away, between 1962 and 1967. Since then my attendance at matches has become very infrequent. Last season, for example, I only saw one game. However, and for reasons that I can't explain, it means as much to me now as it did then. So, I experience it all vicariously these days and your blogs are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a survey about Roly is it? Otherwise you'd not have included a question about your blog. You'd also have ask about how fans feel about the network etc. It's more about "please tell me how much you love me!". "other excellent blogs"! talk about blowing your own trumpet!

Hilltothevalley said...

Anonymous number 2 whilst you are entitled to your opinion and I think you are a tad harsh, it would be better if you had the balls to make such a comment without being anonymous.

Unknown said...

How u set up this blog lark?wouldnt mind giving it ago myself went to see barnet play today £28 quid for adult and child piss takers had 3 x Charlton players in the squad lee cook,charlie macdonald and Curtis weston

Anonymous said...

Well done Jonathan for commenting in your name and more importantly to be able to work out how to post in your own name which has blown my mind away!

Anonymous said...

I like all the blogs but if I had to pick one ace would be first choice...balanced, well written and considered. The view from anonymous second comment whilst entitled to a view is clearly the words of a mad man.

Brian G said...

It's a very good blog that gives me an insight into club matters that aren't discussed up here in the Midlands.

Unknown said...

thanks brought a new pc which was having teething probs but studying the it manual I somewhat figured it out

Wyn Grant said...

I added one question about the blog to see what I could cut back on. I have some idea from the hits anyway, but I thought it would be useful to get some feedback. Perhaps I should have asked a question about the network, but one would really need several questions.

Finkle said...

It's my one and only blog that I go to for Charlton news. It's nice to have a blog written and commented on by people who can write rather than typical football banter / hating blog.

I like that there's a fair amount of time spent on the ownership / financial side and you are realistic in the expectations of the team.

I don't care where you get the articles from and don't let the people below put you off using other discussions. As long as it's shown where it's originated I can't see a problem and we don't all have time to check 10 blogs a day for new material.

I find myself only reading the match reports after I've been to a game to see if I viewed it differently but as this is rarely, I just look at the summary for each player.

Keep up the good work Wyn, don't post less!!!

Darren said...

Finkle has said it all.

I'm a Charlton fan living in New Zealand and have been following your blog for a number of years.

I find it has a lot of information about the club and what's going on that i don't get to hear about through other sources (funnily enough, CAFC aren't high on the NZ media's radar)

Keep up the great work.