Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Charlton remain unbeaten

Charlton remained unbeaten in the league this season after their 1-1 draw at The Valley last night, but surrendered their 100 per cent home record. They remain 5th in the table. It should be borne in mind that a number of our games have been against teams challenging for promotion. The comments that we were rubbish fail to acknowledge that Wolves were good.

The visitors started with a patient passing game which was a little dull to watch. However, Henry started to be a tricky threat down the wing, the former Millwall player also doing his fair share of whingeing to the lino and referee.

Wolves looked as if they were getting on top, but midway through the half Bikey scored with a volley from a Cousins corner. At first it didn't looked as if it had gone in and not everyone got to their feet, but the celebrating players told us what we needed to know.

Tucudean then had a great chance to put the Addicks 2-0 ahead and effectively put the game beyond the reach of Wolves, but he failed to take it. Wolves then hit the post.

After the break, Wolves came out of the traps full of energy and the game was played at a high tempo. Eventually their pressure told and captain Danny Batth scored from a corner, Henderson failing to hold on to the ball.

One of the disappointments in this phase of the game was that we put in some good tackles, but then failed to hold on to the ball. Overall, however, a draw was a fair result.

The referee was serenaded as an Onanist by the Covered End at the end of the game. I don't know what they put in the water in Bedfordshire, but he wouldn't give us anything. He also let play go on when Vitokele was fouled and injured. The Angolan was pointing to his leg at the end of the game and I hope that he will be all right for Saturday. (It subsequently emerged that he had no feeling in his arm, but this is thought to be due to a cut: it is not broken). Admittedly, none of the referee's decisions were costly in a game changing sense, but they were still poor.

I was amused to see Wolves fans at the station swapping business cards and explaining which financial institution they were now working for.

Attendance at under 16,000 was disappointing given a strong Wolves contingent. It was a good, end-to-end game.

Player ratings

With our canine match analysts retired, the surplus supply of Silver Bones has been dispatched to Rick Everitt's elves for melting down in his workshop, but I don't think anyone really qualified last night. This suggests a poor performance, but I think we were still tired after our gruelling performance against Watford. Even so, we were able to grind out a result.

Stephen Henderson made more than one save that stopped the ball going in the net, including one that he tipped round the post with an outstretched arm. However, perhaps he should have been able to hold on to the ball when the goal was scored. Bikey-Amougou took his goal well and shows that he is not just a robust defender. However, he gave away fouls in dangerous positions and eventually got a yellow card. Ben Haim withstood the onslaught well. Gomez generally had a good game and he is clearly a great prospect. However, there was the occasional error which is to be expected. Wiggins was getting outsmarted by charm merchant Henry. Wiggins has never been as good as he was before his injury.

Wilson is perhaps better as an impact sub and it was his turn to be substituted last night. He tried to get forward, but he often had a torrid time. Buyens was not at his best, with a tame shot on goal, but then Jackson once again disappointed. He did have a chance to score after being given a perfect pass (I think from Igor), but he put it just wide. Steve from Petts Wood commented that two years ago he would have scored. There were flashes of excellence, but at times he disappeared from the game. Indeed, this was not a good game for the midfield. Cousins had his name omitted from the programme, but I thought that his corners were better than they were on Saturday, not least the one that led to the goal.

Tucudean is a worry. He missed two good chances to score and gets muscled off the ball too easily. Vetokele was tireless and even helped out in defence, but he needs better support from the midfield. Moussa huffs and puffs to no great effect. This was a game where I would have brought on Church. The appearance of Bulot was one of the highlights of the night for me. He looks very promising.

Glass Half Empty

Derek from Dymchurch writes: 'We were shown up last night. If it was not for the fact that ladies read this page, I would describe our performance using a four letter word. That Belgian geezer is being found out. We have now used up our supply of luck for the season. Mark my words, we'll be in a relegation scrap by Christmas.'


jonathan acworth said...

Ventokele is rumoured to have broken his arm yesterday after a heavy challenge by the wolves keeper i saw jordan cousens before the match and told him score a goal for us so hense my early team talk to him prompted in him setting up the pass for bikey so u have me to thank for that!!!!.Rumours of Graham comming in on loan also but please its time to drop tunchdean he is awful and couldnt hit a banjo it feels me with dread having to think our forward line be church and tunchdean we wont score for ages ..........

Anonymous said...

Oh, just fuck off Acworth - not only are you the most boring, pointless and quite possibly inbred person (embarassingly) connected to Charlton, but your inability to spell even basic words and even player names just further emphasises the fact you are a gigantic twat.

Constantly bleating on about your 'inside information' and how much you think you know (which is always nothing not already in the public domain), publicly asking for a job at CAFC, thinking you could be mayor FFS...the list goes on - give the players a break, get behind the team and for the love of God, just shut the fuck up

WattO said...

Who is this Ackworth chappy? Anonymous is clearly unimpressed by him!
Thought we did okay last night. Players looked tired though. Hope we are better for the Rotherham game. Bizarrely, the bookies have them at almost evens to win!!!

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Now, now Anon, play nicely, there's no need for name calling and profanity, what would your granny think?
JA's contributions to this and other fora provide (unintentional) light and entertainment. Leave him to share his insights with us. Variety is the spice of a good cliché after all

jonathan acworth said...

Thanks to the email above sorry to annon if he feels that way i do get behind the team always give 100 per cent when watching the team play.But i am giving fair critism which other fans are talking about during games the one last night was wiggins pace and he is clearly not comfatable playing in that position his pace has gone and i think maybe its time to drop wiggins and play fox at left back and rest solly and play gomez after each game solly plays this way it will confuse the fuck out of the opposition.Tunchdean im not impressed with to be honest with u i think hes finding the championship a bit to pacey jackson im also not convinced with i think several changes should be made to the team for when we travel up to rotherham saturday just to freshen the team up a bit who would u like see brought in to the team and who would u drop for sat?

jonathan acworth said...

for the record i am 100 per cent behind this team and peeters doing a fantastic job long may it continue