Thursday, 18 September 2014

Harriott discusses lack of starts with Big Bob

Callum Harriott has knocked on the office door of Big Bob Peeters to discuss his lack of starts this season: Unhappy bunny. You have to admire his guts as I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Big Bob who showed at the Wigan game that he is capable of flying off the handle (nothing wrong with that in football).

When Harriott has come on, he has hardly been a game changer. As Steve from Petts Wood commented, 'He can't score goals and he can't create goal scoring opportunities for others.' I am sure that Harriott has potential, but I sometimes wonder if his approach is sufficiently disciplined, notwithstanding flashes of brilliance.

Anyway, I am sure that Big Bob offered him some wise words. No doubt Acworth will add his own insights.


Finkle said...

With inevitable injuries and playing twice a week, he'll get a chance soon enough. There's no way we should let him go on loan just yet.

jonathan acworth said...

ill ask his mate who works with me whats the low down he said he call him over the weekend give u exclusive next week

Anonymous said...

Have I not got this wrong but did Harriott not score a hatrick in one of the later games last season? - agree with Finkie tho ... he will prove his worth I am sure