Monday, 1 September 2014

Transfer day interest in Gomez

Unconfirmed reports state that Liverpool and Newcastle United are expressing transfer deadline day interest in Joe Gomez. The stated policy of Roland is to try and hold on to such promising players, but it can be difficult for a player to resist the blandishments of Premiership clubs. Both clubs are believed to offer luxury coaches for their development squads, and heated substitutes' benches.

I am so happy to be in Wigan

It has now been confirmed that Andy Delort is going to Wigan. The picture above shows him joyously celebrating the move.

The Sevenoaks Chronicle (which has suddenly become a font of wisdom on Charlton) is claiming that we may sign Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. This is a little more plausible than some stories as he is a free agent looking for a club and wouldn't cost too much. I do think that he has something left in the tank.


Malcolm said...

Wyn,it seems the drawn out situation about Delort will go on further with twists, as we know Wigan paraded him at halftime in front of 11,000 crowd,yet not a mention thus far today on Wigans website about him, I have a feeling a surprise is going to hit us over Delort before 11pm tonite.

jonathan acworth said...

ACWORTH EXCLUSIVE -Last week i mensioned possibility of us getting Darren Bent on season long loan .well from what ive read today on BBC sports website Darren Bent has been spotted down at the training ground.This will be a brilliant signing if we can perhaps do a deal with villa he would terroise championship teams defences and with him and ventokle up front i think we will be up their or their abouts come the end of the season.The other player who ive also heard about is Ebanks Blake im not to sure where hes at now but that deal could be a possible.

Wyn Grant said...

I can't find the story on the BBC sports website about Darren Bent. I must say that I remain sceptical as his wages would be substantial. Even if Villa gave us a discount (and why should they?) I doubt whether he would be affordable.

Malcolm said...

Here is the copy of what was on the BBC site a couple hrs ago...take it with a pinch either one lol..Decky in Newcastle: Just saw Darren Bent outside St James' Park. A surprise return to the North East?
Kevin in London: Have just seen Darren Bent pulling into the Charlton FC training ground, that would be a good signing for the Addicks.
290 miles separate Newcastle and Charlton...

Also confirmed now Delort HAS signed for Wigan.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a lot of focus on strikers but judging by the possession stats of our first few games another central midfielder must be a priority.

Finkle said...

Whilst Bent may not be in the starting XI for Villa, with injuries he is going to get plenty of game time. Why would Villa allow him to leave without at least half of his wages being paid. That would £30k p/w minimum which must be around double our next highest paid.

Even for you, JA, this is crazy talk.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, however, seems a very good option but is he too good to play backup? Surely he'd have offers of guaranteed first team action and he wouldn't replace the current crop.