Saturday, 28 February 2015

Big day at The Valley

It's Football for a Fiver day at The Valley and most seats should be filled (some season ticket holders may not make it). For those who resent casual supporters turning up, it should be pointed that this is the only occasion when many families with tight budgets can come to The Valley. In this connection, it is good news that season ticket prices are to be frozen next year.

I would also point out that Crystal Palace had difficult selling out their allocation at West Ham and had to extend their eligibility categories. Glaziers received an e-mail from Alan Pardoo urging them 'to leave the sofa for this one. We're still short for Saturday. It's a massive game for us, if you can get there, please get there.' Prices are a bit higher than at The Valley, £43 for adults and £25 for children.

It's clearly going to being an emotional day, particularly for those who venerate Chris Powell or simply think that he was badly treated (which he was). However, we do need to take three points off Huddersfield Town who are close to us in the real and form tables. Away from home they have won four, drawn four and lost eight. They have conceded more goals than us away from home, but also scored more.

Jordan Cousins is expected to return after recovering from a muscle complaint. This is great news as he has been a key player in midfield, showing energy, skill and real commitment. He is, as the Covered End sings, 'one of our own.' New signing Alou Diarra and Chris 'Red Robin' Eagles could make their full debuts, while skipper Johnnie Jackson remains sidelined with a leg problem.

The last two home matches against them have been drawn. We also drew away at the beginning of the season. We last beat Huddersfield at home in League One in 2011. Odds are: Charlton 9/5, Draw 9/4, Huddersfield 13/8.


Anonymous said...

To some history just means past, finished, irrelevance.
To others it means, part of where you've come from, roots, perspective and relevance. Powell will ALWAYS be part of CAFC's history.
He did (past tense) a good job, let's hope we beat em!
3pts, COYA!

Anonymous said...

Tony Watt Joe Gomez
these two are vert kids
Wow! great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Correction, CP will always be part of CAFC's 'heritage'.

I'm feeling confident now (fixtures ahead).
Thanks CP, you couldn't beat a nicer bloke.

Unknown said...

watt a striker he is lol shame hes a jock

a2c said...

Shame the li'lle englander is ahrt n abahrt. Well done ourn, all the team did well n another good defensive display. Guy Luzon is great at movin ourn on.

Kentish Man said...

Are JA and a2c the same person? Are they in the pay of the Plain English Campaign? I think we should be told.

Unknown said...

im better looking lol

a2c said...

Yeah but even you aint as good lookin as my lovely fiancée JA.