Thursday 26 February 2015

Pitch sex video

The current regime at Charlton has talked of providing a broader range of attractions at The Valley rather than just football. It has never been quite clear what they have in mind, but the intention was to provide family oriented entertainment.

They certainly did not envisage a couple appearing to score on the Valley pitch. The video, which has been widely circulated, is now under investigation: Enquiry

Rumours that the male in the video was top fan Jonathan Acworth appear to have no foundation.

In any event, it makes a change from Charlton fans being accused of being anoraks, train spotters or even Onanists.


Texas Addict said...

At least someone scored from the halfway line Wynn!

Anonymous said...

hope the ball doesnt get stuck in any sticky patches on the weekend

Unknown said...

scene from silent whitness

Unknown said...

cheeky git wyn no it wasn't me lol but lucky bastard who scored anyway just see her expressions shes loving it!every bloke would have done the same if had opp to do so !

Anonymous said...

Onanists you say! well that accusation surely couldn't have come from a spanner. It's got more than four letters and surely they wouldn't be so hypocritical.
It has to be Derek from Dymchurh caught with pants down, after all he's in politics.

Anonymous said...

She's an actress JA and you'd be far too busy choosing your fantasy eleven.