Tuesday 24 February 2015

Charlton lose to league leaders

The early exchanges between Derby County and Charlton Athletic were not decisive for either side, but then Derby County got an easy goal after nine minutes with a tap in from Hendrick after it had seemed that a home player was offside, but Bent had been given free scope. No one expected it to be easy, but such an early setback was disheartening.

A Johnson header was required to deal with a Derby attack. The front three of Ince, Lingard and Bent were giving Charlton problems. A Derby shot went not far wide. Cousins, out injured, was being missed in the middle. Derby were flooding forward once they got the ball with a five man attack and Lingard buried Derby’s second. Roger Johnson was furious. It was all too easy. Charlton needed to tighten up in midfield. One pass and Buyens was out of the game.

Every time Charlton got the ball they couldn’t get into the Derby half and the Rams were threatening every time they came forward. As soon as Charlton went forward, there were three men on the ball and it was unsettling the Addicks.

Henderson had to pluck a Derby free kick out of the air. The movement from the Derby players was very fluent. Charlton tried to launch an attack, but the momentum disappeared and they went backwards.

Charlton got a corner after Bulot threatened, following a loose pass in midfield snapped up by Buyens. The ball was eventually cleared from the corner. Derby did seem to have taken their foot off the pedal. Charlton were recovering their organisation which they had had at the beginning of the game.

Sloppy work by Ben Haim gave Derby a shooting chance, but fortunately it went just left of Henderson’s goal. The keeper would not have reached it.

A shot from Solly needed a save from Grant. Charlton had managed to put some serious pressure on the Derby goal. Watt was fouled and Charlton got a free kick in a promising position. Gudmundsson’s effort from 25 yards out needed a save at full stretch from Grant. It was panic stations at the corner, but ultimately it was unproductive. After a disastrous first fifteen minutes, Charlton were getting into the game.

Darren Bent got in behind the defence, but the move was unproductive. With one minute of injury time, Charlton found themselves under pressure after a poor ball by Wilson. Derby then hit the crossbar. It was a frantic last minute. However, the Addicks had recovered well from a disastrous first fifteen minutes.

Rams 2, Addicks 0

Wilson had not a good first half in midfield and Diarra was brought on. Buyens had to make a good tackle to break up a Derby attack.

Diarra put in some excellent defending with an excellent tackle to win the ball back for Charlton. An attempt by Diarra was blocked by Keogh after a free kick. The Derby tried to rally their team after Charlton applied some pressure.

Diarra put in another excellent tackle, he had won three or four challenges. On 68 minutes Bulot went off and Chris ‘Red Robin’ Eagles came on.

Lingard went off and Dawkins came on. Charlton brought on Harriott and Watt, who may have taken a knock, was taken off. Derby brought on Mascarell. Derby took off Hughes and brought on Bryson.

Charlton got a free kick five or six yards outside the penalty area, but Gudmundsson’s effort went just over the bar. Perhaps the ball should have been directed to Harriott.

Harriott did well to win the ball back for Charlton. The Addicks made a good move, but the ball was collected by the keeper.

Ben Haim put in a good tackle and then a shot cannoned off Diarra to give the Rams a corner. Henderson took the ball comfortably.

Three minutes were added on, but they were uneventful. Word came through that Millwall were losing 0-3 at home to Sheffield Wednesday (final score 1-3).

All the damage had been done in the first fifteen minutes, but at least it was not a rout at the hands of the league leaders. Charlton fell back to 16th, but were eight points above the top relegation spot occupied by Millwall.

<>The local Derby fan has commented: 'You gave our young talented midfielders far too much space in the first twenty minutes by standing off and defending deep. Once you pushed up and crowded midfield it stopped the flow for us but killed the game for your as well. To be honest on the first half it looked as if they were trying to waste time to get in only two down. Charlton were much better second half doubling up on our providers but actually the best chances came in the first half. The last hour was a bit of a damp squib to be honest.'

It should also be noted that the only top eight side we have left to play is Bournemouth (on the last day of the season).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good recovery after a a shaky 15 minutes. Wilson in centre midfield did not sound right.

Diarra looks like had a good second half. 2-0 not unexpected. Good it wasn't more.

Onwards and forwards to the next game. COYRs

Charlton supporter

Brian G said...

A better result than could have been expected after 16 minutes and most of the other results went our way for a change. However, the two home games in the next 7 days could well determine how the rest of our season goes.

Anonymous said...

After 16 mins I thought JA had got the 4-1 scoreline right! Started a lot of games a bit slowly haven't we? Assume GL thought Diarra not fit enough for 90mins otherwise a bit odd. Hud 3 I hope JC's fit Sat.

Unknown said...

oh well 4-1 lol must have been the red bull talking had a very large one yesterday at £2 as been suffering with a cold all week!.
Anyway i dont want see wilson or buyens anywhere near the team again sell wilson in the summer hes definetly doesnt give a fuck playing for the club every time he plays he gets a 4 out of 10 enough is enough either offload him on a free or terminate his contract with immediate effect.On Buyens another player who doesnt give a shit about playing for us please rd send these 2 packing along with harriott and church over the summer get these flops off our wage bill

Unknown said...

into the valley reams has bollocked fox and wilson saying their are both useless footballers and piss off back to the pub team where they both came from ouch

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Next season team will be i think as follows

3.Tariq Holmes Dennis
4.new defender
5.Johnson will i think sign new contract
6.mkopo standard loan for season replace buyens
7.eagles will sign extended contract in summer
8.jed wallace portsmouth 250k with wilson going the other way
9.the beast standard leige striker come in on loan

possible targets jamie ward derby
van damme possible left back at leige

out wiggins freed
church 250k millwall
harriott birmingham 500k

DisciplineBlog said...

JA Believe it or not I/someone does sometimes agree with what you say. But I find your criticism of players very harsh and you've drawn a comment deleted above.
They are professionals who want to do well, if not for the club then for their own careers and families. The quality of some maybe lacking but it's not their fault that they are on too long contracts, marginalised not given a run, played out of position or out of form or carrying a knock etc. Some of these players like Churchy he was ok a at lower level it's not now his fault. We are also still buying crocked players even now. YB was great for awhile he's not a crap player, but he's playing crap at mo why? He should be dropped ages ago if not performing. Manager? And please stop the bloody FANTASY FOOTBALL bullshit you're not 12 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

Unlike JA, I was dragged to Derby by my son last night. It was not just a 2-0 drubbing, we were totally outclassed. I felt that Derby played the best football I have ever seen from a championship club, but Wilson was a "duck out of water" in the centre of midfield, utter stupidity from Luzon. Buyens is a very poor/lazy footballer and should not play for us again. JBG was our best player by a country mile, and was our only player who could get into the Derby team!
The two positives to come from this game was Diarra looked good in midfield and Eagles looked very good too when Luzon bothered to bring them on.
I predict we now have a squad that will keep us up this season COYA.

Unknown said...

i only dish out when its needed to be and wilsons performance what i whitnessed on stream was a joke

Unknown said...

i delted comment above as sent to many times lol

Unknown said...

wilson is to lazy as a player he doesnt run and tackle and just plays the easy route as for buyens the player doesnt want be here end of the day i dont know if its to do with luzon but his body language for the past 5 games hes played shows he does not give a fuck about playing for the team id rather players like him and wilson shown the door along with players like harriott,church shown also the door and get them off our wage bill i want players who want play for charlton and not players like church and wilson who just want hide all the time

Anonymous said...

If we end up with a load of players on our books who don't seem good enough, the club must take some responsibility. Wilson used to perform ok under Powell. I'm not saying he Wilson wasn't terrible last night but when was the last time Wilson played and why's he played out position on return when Gomez who looked great is sitting it out again. It's been reported that Powell wants Wilson but I think Charlton have said, they want to keep him. YB was fine and now he's crap why? and does that make him a crap player. I agree with Anon above, Luzon is showing some poor selection and the squad is getting bigger so forget that excuse.

Anonymous said...

Yep all Luzon's fault and of course Roland's for shelling out for these players and you might as well throw Katrien in there as well for successfully negotiating the contracts. See how they all perform in training do you? Who would you have put in centre midfield to start?
And JA, accusing players of not trying is really pathetic, even for you.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Wilson goes missing on to many occasions this year when hes been called upon like buyens both players don't give a shit so im not backing them simple

Unknown said...

ok on a lighter note whos the bird shagging in the center circle at the valley last night all over facebook gives the new meaning scored at charlton