Friday, 13 February 2015

Wilson is Powell target

Lawrie Wilson is a target for Chris Powell's Huddersfield, but Guy Luzon wants him to stay at The Valley for now: Wilson

For me, Wilson has disappointed on his recent appearances (admittedly some think that he was only League 1 quality in the first place), but that is true of a number of players. For him, a loan to Huddersfield might be a good move.

Apparently the search for a striker is not going too well, no surprise really as good ones are thin on the ground and are not usually attracted by a relegation struggle. There is no prospect of 'Gucci' returning from Kuwait which in any case would not offer an answer in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Lawrie gives 100% and Powell's a good judge of a player. He'll go there and do well because he's wanted.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Wilson is probably 3rd division standard in terms of skills evidenced by his abject inability to cross a football but should be playing rather than supposedly more gifted individuals such as Buyens and JBG who display little or no professionalism or commitment to the cause. A team of the limited but willing will always overcome one of silky shirkers. But we have increasing reason to believe that the so called head coach does not have free reign when it comes to team selection.

Unknown said...

I think as fans we can be too critical how can you judge a player when he hasn't played at all this season. Last season he was players player and come second in fans player, he is a very good consistent right back in the championship who gets played out of position remember, he rarely has a bad game and that is purely to not playing games this season, when playing regular we all see his abilities and that's why clubs wanted him last year! I think he's a true professional and if the club are treating bad which it looks he deserves all the best as he has been a good servant to the club