Monday, 9 February 2015

When the first live tv broadcast was at The Valley

The following report appeared in the Independent on Sunday yesterday: 'It was not, on the face of it, the most obvious choice for live television coverage. Charlton were 20th in the old First Division, Blackburn 18th.

But there was a reason the cameras went to The Valley 68 years ago today to produce the first live broadcast of a full club match, and it was not because there were no giant-killers to cover with everyone from below the second tier knocked out, nor that only Middlesbrough and Stoke of the top flight's top six were playing.

For production reasons only London matches could be broadcast, and this was the only game in the capital. In the event it was a poor game. Sam Bartram, Charlton's legendary 'keeper, wrote later "conditions were terrible with snow and ice transforming the pitch into a quagmire in some parts and a skating rink in others. Both teams spent much of the game trying to keep their feet."

A few minutes from time Bartram, coming out to close down a Rovers attack, lost his feet and slipped, leaving an open goal. To his relief Rovers shot wide. Charlton soon forced a corner, Gordon Hurst quickly took it and it was Tommy Dawson who headed in the winner.

Coverage was a test exercise for the final, and proved a rehearsal as that was also won 1-0 by Charlton with a late goal, promotion-winning Burnley being defeated.'


Anonymous said...

Quote from Football Rumours?

08 Feb 2015 21:31:21
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In regards to a buy out,
Also Chinese business women/developer also showing interest,
Meetings regarding one of the above held in Manchester on Thursday 5/02/15
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jonathan acworth said...

might be the owner of crystal palace development whos chinese billionaire and a property developer makes sence

jonathan acworth said...

The lebanese guy could be sam hammann once of wimbledon and cardiff

Anonymous said...

Good comments JA, from your arch Nemesis and first poster, Anon.

jonathan acworth said...

i have been doing some research on sam hammam aparantly hes involved in a legal wangle over 24m debt to creditors langston which what i here 6m has been paid so he obviously wants a return to football and is looking at cardiff again now how about this for a senario ,what if hammam buys back cardiff and tan buys us?