Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fight back was in vain

In a dismal first half at The Valley last night Charlton conceded two soft goals to go 0-2 down to Norwich at the break. The first of them happened after a rare error by Chris Solly, although even then their player had the time to line up his shot and shoot. The second game with Dimotrivic exposed by his defence and the ball was looped over him.

The players were booed during the game and also at the half whistle and coach Guy Luzon got an ironic chant of 'you're getting sacked in the morning' from the Covered End.

The reintroduced Bulot had made little contribution in the first half and Luzon substituted him after the break with Tony Watt. As one Norwich fan told a friend over the phone in the train afterwards, 'Suddenly they started to play football.' Watt showed that he had an eye for goal when he scored his first for the Addicks on 61 minutes, confidently dealing with a one-on-one situation with the keeper.

Then Vetokele lifted the hopes of the home supporters on 68 minutes when he scored after the keeper had parried an effort from Harriott who had been brought on as a substitute. However, as Charlton pressed for a win, they became exposed at the back and Jerome scored the winner with a header for Norwich.

Throughout the Canaries looked faster on the ball and also better at moving into space to anticipate it. Their passing was more accurate. Once again, when Charlton did get possession, they surrendered it all too easily. Possession was 60-40 in Norwich's favour.

Particularly in the first half, the midfield seemed to be awol at times and although Vetokele's work rate was impressive, he lacked service. Bikey had a bit of a 'mare in defence and Wiggins has never been the same player since he came back from injury. Ben Haim is a cultured player in my view who can play the ball well out of defence.

The Addicks are now in 20th place, and with Millwall winning away, are only three points above the drop zone.


Anonymous said...

The worrying thing is, what will happen when the New manager effect wears off?

Unknown said...

I don't agree that Ben Haim is a cultured player: too often he carries the ball out of defence and either gives it away with a wayward pass, or delays too long and plays a colleague into trouble.

Brian G said...

Well, the only positive is that it's the first time that we've scored twice since 13th December against Blackpool. Heartbreaking again!

Unknown said...

piggott scored twice last night i think it be him and polish pete up front next year

Anonymous said...

Yes, JA. They would do well in Div 1 but not in the Championship. Are you suggesting that we're doomed to relegation?

MikeW1947 said...

The writing is on the wall I'm afraid. Even the defence has lost its way; we've gone from conceding 1 goal a game to 3 since GL took over. That's real progress!

a2c said...

I think ourn did well cept the first arf n ourn were back to playin good football in the 2nd. I reckon Guy will get is first win this Saturday cos thass wot e deserves n a poke in the eye for all the boo boys on ere n elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I do agree frustratingly with one of Guy's post match comments, "we have some quality players". If the defence stopped conceding so many, possibly by playing Gomez in front of it. You have to think those two strikers IV and TW played together from the start may get the goals needed. F**k RD COYR.

Anonymous said...

Roland is losing £5m a year with Charlton, can't help but laugh at it rises to £8m next year in the 3rd division.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 2nd anon above. Above me I strangely seem to AVE someone called a2c who wants to write in a strange joke cockney code for some reason. And below me someone who would find it hilarious if we were in the 3rd, must be Millwall. Stuck in the middle with you. Oh maybe it won't £8m if he sells every asset he can get his hands on. Laugh I nearly wept.

Unknown said...

I can only attend games now only first half due to baby sitting so was at the game last night first half only.

Heres my honest opinion with what i saw first half the keeper looks nervous to many errors and doesnt seem to catch the ball well.Solly was probably one of the worst games which i have seen him play he defo needs a few games rest.
Wiggins what has gone wrong with him not the same player since the injury and was vertually annon first half

Bikey not the same player which i saw back in october my last game he was immense back then i rem him challenging for the ball on 3 occasions against watford but he has gone right off the boil is he interested anymore he doesnt seem to be on current form.

Ben Haim jury still out on him ,he plays far to many long balls and also trying cover the mistakes being made by the full backs behind him time i think to drop in place of johnson.

Bulot why ffs uniterested drop or terminate loan

cosuins my old neighbour star man i think hes going be player of the year i think he be off come the summer my guess to arsenal or spuds mom

gudmondson swearing at fan not on for that no views on him.

buyerns worst game ive seen him play i give him a 2 just for turning up

wat tried from the goal ive seen on highlights took it well

ventokele back to the player we know

others it was such a bad game i forgot about them lol

Anonymous said...

Belief is coming with fitness re; T.Watt he COULD be the real deal, still only 21. Frank McAvenie rates him highly.

Anonymous said...

Player wise this COULD be fixed in this loan window. Tactics wise you can't loan a manager unfortunately.

a2c said...

Thass juss wot I think with Watt n all we've got a player in the makin there but juss not the time so e's got to make is mark asap ahrt there.

I aint into all them school boy reports like wot we've got above on ere for the players I bet they find them irritatin cos less face it we don't get marks ahrt of 10 at work do we, but as I keep on sayin the loan market is important n thass when we get the right players dahn our gaff.

Ere Guy is the right geezer guy n we've all got to support im, iss the boo boys n their ilk who are sendin ourn dahn not the gaffer or board who are doin all they can to keep ourn up.

Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of games at the beginning of the season and tonight's side was essentially the same with the exception of the keeper and one or two outfield players. I left last night feeling we were lucky not to be on the end of an 8 nil loss. The team did not play for the manager let alone the club. That said, There was a real lack of tactical play on the part of Luzon particularly when we got back to 2 2. Watt was entertaining and gave a nice cameo appearance. Bulot appears to be conference player at most. His general play worries me that he could have been picked in the first place. I felt our play after the Wigan And Derby games was the best I'd seen in 40 + years. I cannot believe the general play and attitude last night from the team The atmosphere in the west stand was toxic. I doubt I'll be down again this season unless two people of sound mind tell me things have changed. Needless to say, I am concerned.

Unknown said...

hey lambert just been made available

a2c said...

Whistlin in the wind again nt ya.